With photography, both as the photographer (me) and as the consumer (you) of imagery, for both of us, it's not so much what we see, but how we see it. I can shoot from the same spot time and time again and each time it will be different for me and sometimes it will speak to you and sometimes not. Do not try to read into images looking for things to move you, just allow it to sink in and more importantly, trust your reaction to it. This is how I believe we should approach all artwork. Some may be able to better recognize and articulate certain light usage, technique, etc. but ultimately all that matters is how you feel when you look at something. It's OK to say "I don't get it" to something that others love and conversely, to say that you love something that others don't get. And selfishly, I do love it when you like my work.... - Another day under the chestnut trees.

Brookberry Chestnut